Fine Grade De-oiled Bran

PBS Oil industries Limited are into Rice Bran Oil Extraction and Refining since two & half decades, with our extensive research and development in the area of qualitative up-gradation of “Rice Bran Extraction” for the betterment of CATTLE, POULTRY and FISH FEEDS. We are extremely proud to introduce our UPGRADED “DE-OILED RICE BRAN” as extra nutritious feed ingredient.

We are producing special grade, low crude fiber, fine quality DE-OILED RICE BRAN with low content of Acid Insoluble Matter (sand, silica and other acid insoluble) which gives considerably high metabolisable energy, total digestible nutrients and essential amino acids to all livestock species.

Our Special Grade DE-OILED RICE BRAN (DORB / DOB) is under -
Particulars BIS Specification Our Feed Specification
Oil & Albumin(Pro-fat) 16% Above 16%
Sand & Silica % (Maximum) 3% 2% - 4%
Fiber % (Maximum) 12% Below 11%
Moisture 12% Below 11%
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