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PBS Oil Industry Limited is renowned for Solvent Extraction and Refining since 1989. Situated in the fine state of Chhattisgarh, for more than 25 years PSB Oil Industry has grown strength to strength in production.


Before getting into the details of the working of solvent extraction plants, one should have a realistic idea of what exactly a solvent extraction process is all about. Solvent extraction is the extraction of crude oil from the seed or bran, does not involve refining and hence is not a chemical process. This procedure is an oil extraction method to process oil from vegetables, nuts, and oilseeds through solvent or hexane which happens to be the preferred choice. Hexane based extraction is a very reliable method and is not a chemical procedure. It is the favored extraction ingredient for separating large tonnage of oil from protein meal. The ground seed is then removed with a petroleum distillate which further releases oil in the seed. Post this; the solvent is then washed off by heating the oil in a sealed chamber.
With state of the art technology of solvent extraction, a team of experts and skilled labor, we at PBS Oil Industries Ltd. ensure that superior quality of the oil is provided to our clients at most competitive prices.

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The demand for edible oil in India has grown manifold during recent years. Thanks to the number of manufacturers who have made production processes organized and have thus put in a lot of thrust to upgrade the quality of the oil. PBS Oil is no different with its state-of-the-art refining process which has a capacity of 125 MT/day.
Solvent extraction and distillation produce crude oil. The crude oil has the presence of Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s), gums, sediments, etc. which need to be refined for human consumption. Refining of edible oil is the process to remove such undesired constituents without losing the essential elements.
The capacity of 125 MT refining of edible oil goes on to show the scale of production which PBS Oil Industries Ltd. is executing today. Refining essentially involves four steps mainly Degumming, also known as Neutralization, Bleaching, De-waxing, and Deodorization. Degumming takes care of the removal of impurities such as phosphatides or gums. Bleaching, on the other hand, is the pre-treatment of oil to eliminate metals

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PBS Oil Industries Limited is the first to set up a physical refinery in Chhattisgarh. This feat is yet another feather in our cap as it goes on to show how much inclined we are to put forth high standards of quality. We push ourselves to offer an elevated experience to our consumers and physical refining of oil plays a critical role in it. Physical refining as against the practice of chemical refining is a much healthier process and does not deteriorate the oil quality and makes sure that the goodness of the oil remains intact. Unlike the chemical refining process where caustic soda gets mixed to remove the traces of impurity, physical refining involves no chemicals to remove acids from crude oil. Since the crude oil is not exposed to any harsh chemicals, physical refining of oil is a much healthier option and all our oils get treated through this process.
Any edible oil is not the same in its crude state. Oils like soybean and rice bran have comparatively more impurities than groundnut. There are various treatment processes namely physical and chemical refining which

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Blended Edible Vegetable Oil

As the name suggests, blended edible vegetable oil is a combination of two or more refined oils. In simplistic terms, blending is mixing two oils in an appropriate ratio as per the government norms and guidelines. We are the first manufacturer from Chhattisgarh to introduce an affordable blended edible oil series which is positioned for the middle-class and upper-middle-class segment. Another aspect which is worth noticing is that there is a variance in the production and consumption of edible oils in India. It may come as a surprise to many if not all that the production happens to be lesser as compared to the actual consumption. The gap denotes adulteration of oil which is taking place. It goes without saying that we at PBS Oil have always adhered to a crystal-clear approach when it comes to the oil production practices; compliance of high standards has always been our strong point.
Gone are the times when we were least concerned about the cooking oil which was being used in our household. But with health and fitness being

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Under the PBS Oil umbrella, our flagship brand Super Sarvottam and trusted brands like Sridhara, Niyo, and Gold have given the consumers apt options of refined quality edible oils. Building brands does not happen overnight as it takes continuous efforts to ensure the quality of the product, its availability in the right market at the right time, proper responsiveness to the changing demand, frequent checks, and standardized approach. All this and of course penetration in the market through effective channels hold the key to making a product, a brand. Needless to say, at PBS, we value our brands as they are the ones that represent our vision of providing standout quality and delectable taste. We have made our brands a household name today due to the immense belief which we have in the product, a good network of distributors & channel partners, and above all the admiration our consumers have shown by sticking to us despite so many other brands flocking the market. With the presence in Rice Bran,

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