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PBS Oil Industry Limited is renowned for Solvent Extraction and Refining since 1989. Situated in the fine state of Chhattisgarh, for more than 25 years PSB Oil Industry has grown strength to strength in production.

Blended Edible Vegetable Oil

As the name suggests blended edible vegetable oil is a combination of two or more refined oils. In simplistic terms, blending is mixing two oils in an appropriate ratio as per the government norms and guidelines. We are the first manufacturer from Chhattisgarh to introduce an affordable blended edible oil series which is positioned for the middle-class and upper-middle-class segment. Another aspect which is worth noticing is that there is a variance in the production and consumption of edible oils in India. It may come as a surprise to many if not all that the production happens to be lesser as compared to the actual consumption. The gap denotes adulteration of oil which is taking place. It goes without saying that we at PBS Oil have always adhered to a crystal-clear approach when it comes to the oil production practices; compliance of high standards has always been our strong point.

Gone are the times when we were least concerned about the cooking oil which was being used in our household. But with health and fitness being very high on the agenda these days, we have all started to pay heed to the quality of oil which is used in our food. With lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, etc. becoming prevalent in the present times, blended edible vegetable oil tends to provide a wider range of imperative fatty acids vis-à-vis single vegetable oil making it rich in nutrients. It will be only to fair say that this oil offers the best of both the worlds. Not only it provides an exceptional deep-frying attribute but also makes the food taste delectable. You will end up finding a can of vegetable blended oil more often than not in Indian households due to its ability to accommodate all kinds of cooking. So if you are stir-frying, baking, sautéing, grilling or frying, blended vegetable oils due to a neutral taste can prove to be useful in all.

All of us today look forward to having a variety of oil which is nutritious but in the advent of doing so does not kill the taste of food. Blended edible vegetable oil is a perfect fit which is second to none. It is well to be noted that blending two culinary oils has become a norm these days. Using more than one source of oil & mixing it up adds to the nutritional value of the end product and is mostly preferred.