Welcome to PBS Oil Industries Ltd

PBS Oil Industry Limited is renowned for Solvent Extraction and Refining since 1989. Situated in the fine state of Chhattisgarh, for more than 25 years PSB Oil Industry has grown strength to strength in production.


Before getting into the details of the working of solvent extraction plants, one should have a realistic idea of what exactly a solvent extraction process is all about. Solvent extraction is the extraction of crude oil from the seed or bran, does not involve refining and hence is not a chemical process. This procedure is an oil extraction method to process oil from vegetables, nuts, and oilseeds through solvent or hexane which happens to be the preferred choice. Hexane based extraction is a very reliable method and is not a chemical procedure. It is the favored extraction ingredient for separating large tonnage of oil from protein meal. The ground seed is then removed with a petroleum distillate which further releases oil in the seed. Post this; the solvent is then washed off by heating the oil in a sealed chamber.

With state of the art technology of solvent extraction, a team of experts and skilled labor, we at PBS Oil Industries Ltd. ensure that superior quality of the oil is provided to our clients at most competitive prices. There are 2 solvent extraction units of 300 MT and 200 MT, which means that there is a zero breakdown with no shortage of supply as the plants are functional round the clock. It is well to be noted that it requires a plant as well as the process to be fully equipped and in this case automated when it comes to edible oil extraction. The quality of the oil depends on the way the entire plant process is given due consideration. PBS Oil has given due cognizance to this aspect and it can be seen in the way our brands have flourished over a period of time. For us, it has always been giving quality an upper hand and our plant following the standardized practices is a testimony to that.