Welcome to PBS Oil Industries Ltd

PBS Oil Industry Limited is renowned for Solvent Extraction and Refining since 1989. Situated in the fine state of Chhattisgarh, for more than 25 years PSB Oil Industry has grown strength to strength in production.


The demand for edible oil in India has grown manifold during recent years. Thanks to the number of manufacturers who have made production processes organized and have thus put in a lot of thrust to upgrade the quality of the oil. PBS Oil is no different with its state-of-the-art refining process which has a capacity of 125 MT/day.

Solvent extraction and distillation produces crude oil. The crude oil has the presence of Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s), gums, sediments, etc. which need to be refined for human consumption. Refining of edible oil is the process to remove such undesired constituents without losing the essential elements.

The capacity of 125 MT refining of edible oil goes on to show the scale of production which PBS Oil Industries Ltd. is executing today. Refining essentially involves four steps mainly Degumming, also known as Neutralization, Bleaching, De-waxing, and Deodorization. Degumming takes care of the removal of impurities such as phosphatides or gums. Bleaching, on the other hand, is the pre-treatment of oil to eliminate metals and contaminants. De-waxing is done to remove saturated glycerides or waxes from the oil and Deodorization happens to be the final stage of oil refining as it removes FFA’s & odoriferous matter to produce bland and stable oil.

All the above stages of refinement of oil with a capacity as big as 125 MT per day has given leverage to PBS Oil Industries vis-à-vis its competition. A consumer picks a pack of edible oil seeing the brand more than anything else. Plants with such huge capacities add value to the brand as they make sure that the quality aspect is well taken care of.