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Rarely do we pay the attention our cooking oil deserves. In its choice, lies the choices we make for long term good health. And now the choice is simple.

Chose Sarvottam, the most heart-friendly oil on the shelf today. 100% Rice Bran oil and full of Oryzanol - the super antioxidant proven by research to build good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

SARVOTTAM Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil is extracted from the most nutritious part of rice - the golden layer that covers the grain. It is naturally rich in Squalene that keeps your skin looking young and radiant. It sticks up to 15% lesser to food making your food less oily and thereby reducing your calorie intake. Worldwide, Rice Bran Oil is popularly known as the ‘health oil’ and ‘heart oil’. And now India has its own Heart Oil – SARVOTTAM.