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  • It Is A Myth That Colourless Oil Is Healthier Than Compared To Dark Colour Oils. The Fact Remains That The Clearer Or Whiter The Oil Is, The More The Oil Has Been Stripped Off Its Nutrients. Rice Bran Oil Has A Reddish Yellow Colour Due To The Presence Of Essential Micro-Nutrients Like Oryzanol, Tocopherol, Tocotrienols And Squalene Which Is Not Adequately Present In Lighter Color Refined Oils Like Soya, Sunflower And Palm.
  • Rice Bran Oil Is Naturally Enriched Oil Comprising Of Essential Nutrients Like Oryzanol, Vitamin-E, Tocopherols Offering A Complete Health Package. It Also Has The Right Percentage Of Fatty Acids Compared To Other Popular Oils.
  • SARVOTTAM Rice Bran Oil Is Manufactured In A State Of The Art, Fully Integrated Plant. It Is A One Stop Solution For Extraction, Refining, Packaging And Onsite Laboratory To Ensure 100% Quality.
  • Rice Bran Oil Is Extensively Used World Over And It Is Popularly Known As ‘Heart Oil’ In Japan And ‘Health Oil’ In Western Countries, Brand SAFFOLA Contains Upto 80% Rice Bran Oil, SUNDROP HEART Contains Upto 70% Rice Bran Oil.
  • Rice Bran Oil Comes Closest To The Stringent Recommendations By World Health Organisation (WHO) & American Heart Association.
  • No, Rice Bran Oil Is A Superior Cooking And Frying Oil Which Leaves No Lingering Aftertaste. A Hypoallergenic, It Is Also Very Good For Those Who Have An Intolerance To Other Cooking Oils. It Doesn’t Have A Taste Of Its Own So It Doesn’t Interfere With The Taste Of The Food, Rice Bran Oil Also Helps In Enhancing The Natural Taste Of Food Cooked In It.
  • Rice Bran Oil Absorbs Up To 20% Less Oil Into Food While Cooking, Therefore It’s More Economical As The Oil Required For Cooking Is Much Less When Compared To Other Oils. The High Smoke Point Ensures That Cooking/Frying Takes Lesser Time Thereby Saving Cooking Gas.
  • Rice Bran Oil Contains Squalene Which Is An Anti-Wrinkling Agent.
    It Also Contains Vitamin E, Which Enriches Your Skin.
  • Rice Bran Oil Has A Very High Oxidative Stability, Thereby Increasing Your Shelf Life, Today PEPSI Co. Is Using Rice Bran Oil For Lays.
  • Rice Bran Oil Has A High Smoke Point (254°C), Thereby Preventing Fatty Acid Breakdown And Makes The Oil Useable Even After Multiple Cooking Or Frying.
  • The Low Levels Of Awareness About Rice Bran Oil Is A Reason For Its Late Introduction Into Indian Market. Another Reason Being.